FlitterGate - Mobile Phone App
iPhone & Android software development using Corona SDK
  • Apple Developer Programme Registration
  • Mobile Device Provisioning and Installation
  • Game, Graphics and Music Design
  • Corona SDK programming in Lua

This project was primarily an exercise in proving the concept of building a cross platform mobile app, and more importantly provisioning the code on an iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Trial
June 2012
  Our iOS Developer Application has been completed and we successfully installed FlitterGate on our iPod Touch. The software was developed with the trial version of Corona SDK as can be seen in the photo.
June 2012
  The game installed easily on the Samsung S2 mobile phone running Android 4.1.2. The install file for Android can be downloaded here although compatibility with the latest operating system cannot be guaranteed.
Background Music
March 2012

  We recorded some chords played on our guitar for use as background music.
Game Play
March 2012
  The game consists of selecting either the left path or the right path to earn points based on a random selection. The best score we have been able to get is 20 correct moves before exceeding the limit of 6 wrong moves.
Splash Screen
March 2012
  Designed Splash screen and graphics for the game.
Corona Labs
February 2012
  Installed Corona Labs and started experimenting with the Lua programming language.

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