Overcore Sampler - Hardware Design
PCB & Embedded Systems Design for the XMEGA microcontroller
  • Enumerates as USB Mass Storage Device.
  • Custom FAT32 filesystem circular buffer design.
  • PCB design in Altium.
  • Atmel Studio C development for the XMEGA.

This project required close correspondance with the client electronic engineer in order to develop a daughter board suitable to fit with the borehole scanner system. We designed the schematics to meet the original specification and manufactured small prototype quantities to work with the simulator motherboard supplied by the customer.

This project formed part two of an earlier successful program that allowed higher accuracy data to be recorded during bore hole sampling.

Thanks to Dean at www.fourwalledcubicle.com for his Light Weight USB Framework (LUFA) which comes as an addon for Atmel Studio.

PCB Manufacture
May 2015
  The daughter board is shown above fitted to the simulator board. The board was originally designed to work standalone fitted to a FTDI USB-to-serial cable so enable 5V supply and UART communication.
February 2016
  The project source code and documentation is ready for delivery.
February 2012
  Altium is our program of choice for developing circuit boards. This old commerical licence was shared with our related business, NKA Pty Ltd, until retirement of that business around 2015.
Schematic Capture
March 2015
  The schematic was designed to log FAT32 formatted data in an SPI memory chip and work external high precision ADCs.

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