The AuraBean II Research Project
More complex EMI generator

A tool for researching probability and EMI sensitivity.

The Reality Hacker can use the AuraBean II platform to develop consciousness based experiments. Does more processing increase probability of sensing EMI?

Prototype Assembled
10th April 2018
  The prototype has been fully assembled and programmed as a software latch to power the Raspberry Pi Zero. A monitoring script runs in the background on the Raspberry Pi to gracefully shutdown the operating system when signalled by the prototype.
Raspberry Pi Zero PCB
14th July 2017
  We have created a new PCB to fit to the Raspberry Pi Zero which will act as the main platform for further development. The adapter board incorporates a software latch power circuit, ePaper interface, and four buttons.
Demo Splash Screen
22nd June 2017
  An ePaper shield for the Teensy has arrived and will form part of the user interface. Tweaking the code by written by Jarek319, and writing our own python BMP decoder, we were able to develop our customized splash screen.
First Prototype
18th December 2016
  We have put the prototype together and it now runs in a loop outputting test words. The ultrasonic distance sensor is not 3.3V compatible so is left out of the design at this stage.
Concept Drawing
10th September 2016
  The Adafruit Feather M0 with Wifi will be used as the main controller with the OLED FeatherWing to display messages. An accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer will detect user interaction and the ultrasonic distance sensor will output a field. A DFPlayer module by DFRobot will play recorded messages to give the AuraBean II a voice.


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