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about Consciousness and Reality.


These are some of our consciousness related engineering projects.

» AuraBean Project
   Probability and sensitivity research tool
» AuraBean II Project
   Web-enabled probability and sensitivity research tool
» Guessology Games
   Random browser-based guessing games


These are highlighted book sections and notes taken from various authors and speakers on subjects loosely associated with consciousness, reality, and personal development.

» The Simulation Hypothesis 2019
   Rizwan Virk
Between Science and Religion there is one commonality: Consciousness is really a set of information and a processing of that information.
» The Idea of the World 2019
   Bernardo Kastrup
Reality is fundamentally experiential. A universal phenomenal consciousness is the sole ontological primitive, whose patterns of excitation constitute existence. We are dissociated mental complexes of this universal consciousness, surrounded like islands by the ocean of its mentation.
» The Finders 2019
   Jeffery Martin
The Finders discontent and fear has been replaced by a sense that everything is fundamentally okay, that you are safe, whole, and fine just as you are.
» The Demon in the Machine 2019
   Paul Davis
Threading through material complexity is an even more breathtaking informational complexity, hidden from view but providing the guiding hand of both adaptation and novelty.
» Lifespan 2019
   David Sinclair
There is no biological law that says we must age. I believe that aging is a disease. I believe it is treatable. I believe we can treat it within our lifetimes.
» This is Why You Fail 2018
   Jack Ma
Everybody should get used to failure, and not get used to being accepted by other people. Your opportunity has not come yet. When everybody complains, that is the opportunity.
» Quantum Computers & Mandela 2018
   Clif High
Quantum computing is kind of like letting the universe give the answer. We don't know how it does it.
» Real Magic 2018
   Dean Radin
Real magic falls into three categories: mental influence of the physical world, perception of events distant in space or time, and interactions with nonphysical entities. Reality viewed through the lens of science is an exceedingly thin slice of the whole shebang.
» Life 3.0 2017
   Max Tegmark
Life can be classified in three levels sophistication: Life 1.0 where both the hardware and software are evolved rather than designed; Life 2.0 whose hardware is evolved, but software is largely designed; and Life 3.0 which can design not only its software but also its hardware. In other words, Life 3.0 is the master of its own destiny, finally fully free from its evolutionary shackles.
» The Nature of Consciousness 2017
   Rupert Spira
The first imperative of any mind that wishes to know the nature of reality must be to investigate and know the reality of itself. The mind imposes its own limits on everything that it sees or knows, and thus all its knowledge and experience appear as a reflection of its own limitations.
» Soul Story 2017
   Tim Freke
Existence is ambiguous because it's an evolutionary process that has led to a multidimensional reality, in which all levels of emergence, from primitive matter through to transcendent spirit, exist alongside each other. The evolutionary process has led from matter to life to soul to god, and our lives are shaped by the interaction of physical causality, biological necessity, magical narrativity and divine transivity.
» Science and Spiritual Practices 2017
   Rupert Sheldrake
The philosophy of modern science has hardened into a dogmatic belief system that is actually holding the sciences back. The advantage of most spiritual practices is precisely that they are about practice rather than belief.
» Reality Unveiled 2017
   Ziad Masri
Virtually everything we currently believe about the nature of existence comes from trusting our senses, and yet those very senses can only detect an infinitesimally small portion of reality. We're using the very thing that is programmed to show us only a tiny aspect of reality as proof that this tiny aspect of reality is how things are or that this is all there is.
» Why Buddhism is True 2017
   Robert Wright
What's fundamental to the Buddha's teachings is the general dynamic of being powerfully drawn to sensory pleasure that winds up being fleeting at best. To live mindfully is to pay attention to, to be mindful of what's happening in the here and now and to experience it in a clear, direct way, unclouded by various mental obfuscations. Stop and smell the roses.
» Surviving Death 2017
   Leslie Kean
Even if we can't demonstrate conclusively that the living-agent psi hypothesis does not apply, when we look at the totality of these strong cases of children with accurate past-life memories, their cumulative force makes the survivalist position seem stronger still.
» More than Allegory 2016
   Bernardo Kastrup
Myth has historically provided context and perspective to our presence in the world and has enriched the lives of human beings since the dawn of our species. In a culture obsessed with literal truth and pragmatism, the impoverishment of myth is increasingly felt.
» Humanity in a Creative Universe 2016
   Stuart Kauffman
We have forgotten that we are, first of all, alive, and alive in a becoming biosphere, a rich and almost unfathomable becoming in ways we cannot prestate, yet is somehow coherent. This theme of becoming into the ever-new, largely unprestatable, Adjacent Possibles we ourselves persistently create is a main theme of this book.
» Synchronicity vs Coincidence 2016
   AIPR Mini Conference
Jung saw synchronicity as more than meaningful coincidences - he conceived of it as an acausal connecting principle for all types of phenomena that could not be fully explained by standard notions of causality, including quantum randomness and the results of ESP experiments.
» Three Stages of Consciousness 2016
   Michio Kaku
Consciousness is the process of creating multiple feedback loops to create a model of yourself in space with regards to others and in time in order to satisfy certain goals. The unit of consciousness is the number of feedback loops.
» The Biology of Belief 2016
   Bruce Lipton
Epigenetic research has established that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in concrete at birth. Environmental influences, including nutrition, stress, and emotions, can modify those genes without changing their basic blueprint. And those modifications can be passed on to future generations.
» The Science of Enlightenment 2016
   Shinzen Young
Using the systematic practice of meditation, you can train yourself to be in the zone whenever you are doing anything. In the zone is a high level of effortless focus.
» Homo Deus 2015
   Yuval Harari
A Brief History of Tomorrow examines what might happen to the world when old myths are coupled with new godlike technologies, such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.
» Brief Peeks Beyond 2015
   Bernardo Kastrup
Consciousness is that whose excitations are subjective experiences. It is the only carrier of reality anyone can ever know for sure. It is the one undeniable empirical fact of existence.
» Contemplating the Nature of Experience 2015
   Rupert Spira
Enlightenment is the recognition that the awareness that knows itself to be, doesn't share the limitations of the mind and body.
» Chance 2015
   New Scientist
Our natural intuition is not to be trusted: that all effects must have a cause. Chance disarms us, causing us to attach significance to events that have no significance.
» Quantum Biology 2015
   Jim Al-Khalili
Quantum Biology is not new, it has been around since the 1930s. But it is in the last decade that clear evidence shows that there are certain mechanisms that require quantum mechanics to work.
» The Way of the Iceman 2015
   Wim Hof
Wim Hof has demonstrated his control of the autonomic nervous system. Whilst normal people cannot do this, it can be developed. You cannot learn anything from the cold, but you can learn to not do some things.
» Consciousness and Collapse of the Wave Function 2014
   David Chalmers
If consciousness can't be explained in physical terms, then it is non-physical and fundamental. If the physical domain is closed, consciousness can't play a casual role.
» Why Materialism is Baloney 2014
   Bernardo Kastrup
In the pursuit of an external truth, scientistic materialism has forgotten the internal, most fundamental reality of human existence: we can know nothing but that which appears in our own mind.
» Superintelligence 2014
   Nick Bostrom
AI has by now succeeded in doing essentially everything that requires thinking but has failed to do most of what people and animals do without thinking. The singularity-related idea that interests us here is the possibility of an intelligence explosion, particularly the prospect of machine superintelligence.
» The Courage to be Disliked 2013
   Ichiro Kishimi
None of us live in an objective world, but instead in a subjective world that we ourselves have given meaning. At present, the world seems complicated and mysterious to you, but if you change, the world will appear more simple. The issue is not about how the world is, but about how you are.
» Science and the Quest for Truth 2013
   Tom Campbell
The influence of our intent on physical systems is limited by the natural uncertainty of the system. A random number generator has a very limited range of uncertainty, hence only a small bias can be effected.
» Consciousness and the Observer Effect 2013
   Dean Radin
Consciousness is fundamental. Physics, chemistry, etc, precipitate from Bohm's implicate order otherwise known as a Mental World. In this case, awareness sits at the bottom and creates physics.
» Meaning in Absurdity 2012
   Bernardo Kastrup
When the symbolic, metaphorical, often absurd contents of the unconscious parts of the psyche emerge into consciousness, they feel at least as real as the physical world around us.
» How to Create a Mind 2012
   Ray Kurzweil
A computer can run any algorithm that we might define because of its innate universality. The human brain, on the other hand, is running a specific set of algorithms. Its methods are clever in that it allows for significant plasticity and the restructuring of its own connections based on its experience, but these functions can be emulated in software.
» Antifragile 2012
   Nassim Taleb
Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.
» Reality 101 Presentation in Canada 2011
   Tom Campbell
We are not living in an objective reality.Don't believe - practice open minded skepticism. Growing up means becoming love.
» Thinking, Fast and Slow 2011
   Daniel Kahneman
Most impressions and thoughts arise in your conscious experience without your knowing how they got there. The mental work that produces impressions, intuitions, and many decisions goes on in silence in our mind.
» Programming the Universe 2011
   Seth Lloyd
All information that exists is registered by physical systems, and all physical systems register information.
» The Character of Consciousness 2010
   David Chalmers
There is at least some plausibility in the idea that the concepts of consciousness and states of consciousness are fundamentally holistic rather than atomistic.
» Decoding Reality 2010
   Vlatko Vedral
The most fundamental aspect of reality is information, and not energy or matter. We only need the presence of two conditions to be able to talk about information: the existence of events; and the probabilities of events happening.
» Morphic Resonance 2009
   Rupert Sheldrake
Natural systems inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind, however far away they were and however long ago they existed. Because of this cumulative memory, through repetition the nature of things becomes increasingly habitual. Things are as they are because they were as they were. Memory is inherent in nature.
» How to Find your Why 2009
   Simon Sinek
Standout companies work from the why and inspire. Companies need to know clearly the Why, they need discipline and accountability to implement How, and consistently prove the Why through everything they do - authenticity.
» The Drunkards Walk 2008
   Leonard Mlodinow
Human intuition is ill suited to situations involving uncertainty. When chance is involved, peoples thought processes are often seriously flawed. The human mind is built to identify for each event a definite cause and can therefore have a hard time accepting the influence of unrelated or random factors.
» Physical world as Virtual Reality 2007
   Brian Whitworth
Modern online games show that information processing can create virtual worlds with their own time, space, entities and objects. Although virtual reality theory is strange, so are the results of modern physics experiments.
» What Every BODY is Saying 2007
   Joe Navarro
Nonverbal communication is a means of transmitting information achieved through facial expressions, gestures, touching, physical movements, posture, body adornment, and even an individual&aps;s voice. It comprises approximately 60 to 65 percent of all interpersonal communication.
» The Divine Matrix 2007
   Gregg Braden
The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.
» Master Your Emotions 1990
   Tony Robbins
The state we are in at in the moment powerfully impacts the meaning we assign to something. Physiology is related to how you feel - emotion is created by motion, change the way you move to change the way you feel. If we change what we focus on we change what we feel.
» Reciprocal System of Physics 1990
   Dewey Larson
The physical universe is composed entirely of one component, Motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time.
» The Power of Myth 1988
   Joseph Campbell
Myths are stories of our search through the ages for truth, for meaning, for significance. What we're seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.
» Society of Mind 1985
   Marvin Minsky
Each mental agent by itself can only do some simple thing that needs no mind or thought at all. True intelligence comes from joining these agents in certain special ways to create societies.
» Mind Over Back Pain 1984
   John Sarno
The body has wonderful recuperative powers. One should recover from a strain or a sprain in a few days or, at the most, two or three weeks. One of the worst aspects of the back pain problem is the tendency to become chronic, brought about first by incorrect diagnoses and second by the fear engendered by those diagnoses.
» The Strangest Secret 1956
   Earl Nightingale
Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man is working towards a predetermined goal and knows where he is going, that man is a success.
» The Doors of Perception 1954
   Aldous Huxley
To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. Certain persons seem to be born with a kind of by-pass that circumvents the reducing valve. In others temporary by-passes may be acquired by spiritual exercises, hypnosis, or by means of drugs.
» In Search of the Miraculous 1949
   P.D. Ouspensky
All the people you may get to know are machines working solely under the power of external influences. A machine does not know itself and cannot know itself. But there is a possibility of ceasing to be a machine.
» Letters from a Stoic 41
It is man's duty to live in conformity with the divine will, and this means, firstly, bringing his life into line with nature's laws, and secondly, resigning himself completely and uncomplainingly to whatever fate may send him. Only by living thus, and not setting too high a value on things which can at any moment be taken away from him, can he discover that true, unshakeable peace and contentment to which ambition, luxury and above all avarice are among the greatest obstacles.

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