Quantum Computers & Mandela Side Effects


  • Quantum computers are analogue devices by nature.
  • Quantum computers are not right 100% of the time, but are close enough.
  • Quantum annealing has to do with shifting molecules around such that their arrangement represents the answer. This is analogous to heating up a piece of metal then cooling to read the answer from the arrangement of atoms. It allows big calculations to be done quickly.
  • Quantum computing is kind of like letting the universe give the answer. We don’t know how it does it.
  • Another comparison between digital and quantum calculation is using an abacus. Moving the beads to count numbers is similar to a digital computation. Randomly shaking the abacus to get the same answer is similar to a quantum calculation.
  • The woo aspect of quantum computers is a fundamental aspect of consciousness and life force. We operate at the level of quantum entanglement within our mitochondria.
  • The problem with science is it is trying to move the fundamental aspect of consciousness or life force out of the way to put the quantum chip into the deepest level of probability and potentially which is not quite on the border of reality.
  • The Mandela Effect does not have anything to do with alternate realities. Alternate realities do not exist.
  • Science is trying to push away quanta effects around the computer in attempts to isolate the computer from outside quantum disturbances. Includes super cooling, vacuums. This makes a richer atmosphere outside the quantum computer.
  • The Mandela Effect can be thought of as either a mental aberration where something is different to how we remember it, or that reality has changed from what we thought we lived through. This is thought to be a side effect of quantum computing, due to the effect of isolating quantum effects and changing the richness in areas near quantum computing.

These notes were taken from a number of youtube presentations by Clif High.
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Clif also runs his own website: www.halfpasthuman.com

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