Consciousness and the Observer

March 2013

  • The double slit experiments shows that light is both a wave and a particle.
  • Particles can be shot singularly and still end up with a diffraction pattern, showing there is no interference from other particles.
  • The diffraction pattern is only visible when you are not looking at which hole the particles pass through.
  • The wave of photons is really a probability wave. Not water waves, but waves of mathematical probability.
  • The quantum measurement problem - where do you break the chain between looking at the results of the double slit experiment and not looking at it? When do the particles decide to show the diffraction pattern? The observer is part of the equation/experiment.
  • What turns the potentials into classical actuals?
  • John von Neumann is considered to have: wrote the book on Quantum Mechanics. He said, "no matter how far we calculate ... some time we must say: and this is perceived by the observer." He also says, "The [measurement chain] ends only when knowledge of the measurement is registered by an extra-physical factor."
  • Many of eminent Quantam experts of John von Neumann's day (1900 - 1930s) agreed: something peculiar about consciousness that escapes physicality. It was important because it turns the quantum world into the physical world.
  • Quantum mechanics works - its in computers - but it leaves us with a puzzle.
  • Max Planck says, "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as a derivative of consciousness."
  • Eugene Wigner says, "The very study of the physical world leads to the conclusion that the concept of consciousness is an ultimate reality."
  • Erwin Schrodinger says, "Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental."
  • Sigma - degrees of difference from a Normal curve. 3-sigma means that three standard deviations from the normal covers 99% of the data. If data is measured outside that range, it is usually considered to be outside chance. Above 5-sigma means that scientists are 99.9999% sure it's real.
  • Meditators seem to do better at double slit experiments where consciousness is tested to affect the results.
  • Observer effect independent of distance (tested over the internet).
  • Some tools have been developed to check if selective reporting has been used - such as p-hacking which means re-arranging the data until agreeable statistics are found. That is, selecting data to be ignored, and justifying the reasons. A Funnel plot is another check to see if results are just an anomaly due to a small sample size.
  • Theory 1: You are nothing but a pack of neutrons. A machine made of meat. This is known as Reductive Materialism. Things emerge out of physics to form chemistry, biology, psychology, and awareness. Physics is considered to be the foundation of science because of Causation.
  • Theory 2: Consciousness is fundamental. Physics, chemistry, etc, precipitate from Bohm's implicate order otherwise known as a Mental World. In this case, awareness sits at the bottom and creates physics.
  • Abnomalies of consciousness include: Genius, Savants, Intuition, Psychic
  • Practical implications: healing, intuition, life after death. Do our minds actively steer the quantum world: If so then the mind actively participates in manifested reality.
These notes were taken from a lecture by Dean.
For more information see YouTube or visit his website at www.deanradin.com


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