Three Stages of Consciousness


  • There are three stages of consciousness development:
    • 1. Understands position in space (example reptiles)
    • 2. Understands relation to other organisms - emotions, social hierarchy (example mammals)
    • 3. Understands relation to time, ability to imagine the future (example humans)
  • Definition of Consciousness: Consciousness is the process of creating multiple feedback loops to create a model of yourself in space with regards to others and in time in order to satisfy certain goals.
  • Alligator would be level 1. They understand their place with respect to prey. Monkeys would be level 2: they understand social hierarchy. Humans would be level 3: predicting the future, day dreaming, etc.. This model also correlates with the levels of brain evolution.
  • The unit of consciousness is the number of feedback loops.
  • In the last 50 years science has determined that consciousness fits with the brain like software fits to web-ware. Now is there is the concept of Connectome and the Genome. The Connectome maps our consciousness, and the Genome maps our body. This is a separation of the mind from the body.
  • Are we immortal? If you consider that you are web-ware running software then when you die that is it. If your Connectome and Genome live on then you could consider that you live forever.
  • Emerald theory of Consciousness. Is a computer deterministic? Yes. Are we deterministic? No, basically because of the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle.
  • Neutrons are affected by Quantum Mechanics as they are leaky and not fully deterministic. These are small effects and for the most part the brain looks deterministic, and for the most part it is.
  • Is a criminal at fault for committing crimes? No, not when you consider how deterministic his brain is.
  • The brain is not a turing machine where inputs are massaged into outputs using software, hardware, programming routines, etc.. It is a sophisticated neural map like a learning machine where resistances and pathways are altered. This is different from a digital machine.
These notes were taken from an interview of Michio Kaku
For more information see YouTube

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