Reality 101

September 2011

  • We are not living in an objective reality.
  • Don't believe - practice open minded skepticism.
  • Growing up means becoming love.
  • Double slit experiment: if there is no information in this reality about a particle then the particle will be a probability distribution.
  • The core of our reality is information. Consciousness is information and information is nonphysical and subjective.
  • Information system have entrophy, and large complex self-changing information systems evolve by lowering their entrophy.
  • Consciousness is a self aware, self-modifying system evolving toward lower entropy states.
  • Free will chooses from a set decision space.
  • Love is the nature of low entrophy system. Fear does not lead to lower entrophy.
  • Consciousness needs input, memory, processing, self modifying.
  • We are part of a larger system - when we lower our entrophy the larger system benefits too as part of its evolution.
  • The purpose of life is to lower your entrophy, increase the quality of your consciousness.
  • We can consider ourselves to be information in a database. Past and future probabilities are stored there. The present is where the action takes place.
  • When you look at an aura you are making a request from the database, and can receive the data in any format you specify.
  • The nature of virtual reality has to fit the rules, be historically consistent. Our virtual reality is many orders of complexity more, and has evolved.
  • Virtual reality only needs to render effects, not everything.
  • The system is designed to facilitate its own evolution by providing a reality where experience and feedback facilitates your evolution.
  • The system is designed to help - evidenced by things such as synchronicity.
  • Weak history gives the system fewer constraints.
  • Quantum mechanics seems to apply to tiny things because small things show more uncertainty. But actually the probablities applies to everything.
  • Backwards causality - can bias results within probability before results are looked at. Not really backwards causality, but appears to be.
These notes were taken from Tom's Reality 101 presentation at the University of Calgary, Canada.
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