Contemplating the Nature of Experience


  • Enlightenment is the recognition that the awareness that knows itself to be, doesn't share the limitations of the mind and body.
  • So when we recognise our true nature (enlightenment), there is still a gradual winding down of the body/mind thinking and feeling. It's an endless process.
  • How do you know when you've established in your true nature? When thoughts, feelings and perceptions can no longer take you away.
  • Our suffering revolves around an illusory seperate self, which is an imaginery limit placed on the true and only self of pure Awareness.
  • Our experience is real, but the world as conceived by the mind is made of dead, inert matter appearing outside of Consciousness. This is illusion.
  • Painful emotions and feelings are generated and sustained by the sense of being a separate self. If investigated, it can never really be found.
  • Conflicts usually arise because other people either threaten or fail to fulfil the separate self that we imagine ourself to be.
  • Desires that come from a sense of lack, or from the isolated self, are not as easily fulfilled as those desires that come from our deepest love and understanding.
  • Meditation is neither an activity of the mind nor the cessation of the mind, but simply being knowingly in the presence of Awareness.

These notes were taken from a number of Rupert's Introductory online videos.


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