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What you seek is seeking you - Great Sufi Poet, Rumi.

The Illusion We Call Reality
  • Virtually everything we currently believe about the nature of existence comes from trusting our senses, and yet those very senses can only detect an infinitesimally small portion of reality. We’re using the very thing that is programmed to show us only a tiny aspect of reality as proof that this tiny aspect of reality is how things are or that this is all there is.
  • In the strange world of quantum physics, we find that supposedly solid, inanimate particles actually exist as non-solid waves of potentiality that come into and out of physical existence based on their interaction with consciousness.
  • Study quantum physics beyond a cursory level, and you’ll reach the inescapable conclusion that the reason physical particles behave in such a strange way is because they’re not physical at all. 99.9% percent of the atom is literally empty space.
Consciousness Alters Reality
  • What we see as solid and separate is not actually so, but rather seemingly separate waves of energy within the ocean of universal energy known as the "quantum field."
  • Nikola Tesla says: If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
  • The solution to escaping the prison of perception is to let go of the idea of separation, regardless of how real your senses are telling you it is. Unity. Everything is unified. Everything is One. Separation is the true illusion.
  • E=mc2. Most people have heard of this equation, but what does it really mean? Very simply, matter and energy are actually one and the same.
  • Beyond the deception of perception, we are like waves in the ocean of humanity, all connected as One basic energy.
  • Water has been shown to change its very structure to reflect the energy of the words or thoughts.
Science Meets Spirituality
  • The illusion of separation exists not only between all matter itself but also between all matter and its Creator.
  • We are one with the Creator in a very literal sense, as we are an inseparable part of the infinite, intelligent consciousness that not only brings forth physical reality but also makes up its very fabric.
  • Dr. Cleve Backster author of "Primary Perception" describes more than three decades of fascinating research with plants, food cells, bacteria, and human cells. He found polygraph responses from plants. He also found that if you pray over your food, being thankful for it and feeling a sense of love, then it somehow accepts its role as providing sustenance for you, and the intense electrical reactions on the polygraph charts disappear.
  • The only difference between us and the plant—or any other element or animal for that matter—is our self-awareness and reasoning capability, which they generally lack. But as the scientific results show, far from what we’ve been taught to believe, everything is conscious and aware.
The Path of the Soul
  • Possibly the most incredible and directly verifiable proof of what happens after death comes from children who remember their past lives.
  • Evidence is quite clear that we ultimately reincarnate into another physical form after the death of this one.
  • After hypnotizing literally thousands of clients, it was found that it didn’t matter if the client was an atheist, a religiously devout person, or anything in between, once they were in the proper hypnotized state, where their conscious minds took a back seat, they were all consistent in their reports of what they saw.
  • Upon death of the physical body, there is absolutely no loss in consciousness whatsoever. Instead, the person experiences himself or herself as a spirit with full awareness rising out of the body and continuing to exist seamlessly without it.
  • Some decide to linger in this state in what’s called the Earth’s astral realm and can even watch their own funerals and try to reach out to and console their loved ones to let them know they’re OK. Eventually everyone feels drawn to go out of the Earth’s plane, where they often report seeing a tunnel of light.
  • Upon entering the tunnel of indescribable white light, people often see someone waiting for them, who they quickly recognize to be their guide. This guide is simply an "older" soul (a more experienced soul of a higher vibrational nature) who acts as a sort of mentor as we incarnate from one lifetime to the next.
  • Our soul may be taken for energy cleansing and restoration. After that, there is what’s referred to as a life review, in which the soul steps into holographic, three-dimensional scenes from his or her life just lived and re-experiences every pain (and joy) that he or she caused others in that life, feeling it directly from the others’ point of view.
  • After the energy cleansing and life reviews, we are taken to reunite with the souls of our loved ones.
  • It is also notable that those closest to us while we are on Earth seem to make up what is called a "soul group" in the spirit world or the life-between-lives world.
  • Soul groups can include anywhere from a few to around 25 souls, who are usually of similar vibrational energy levels (i.e., similar spiritual progress) and will reincarnate with one another one lifetime after the next, playing different roles to learn new lessons in each life.
  • Souls don’t have a physical sex and will regularly incarnate in physical bodies of both sexes.
  • While the landscape of the spirit realm is purely nonphysical and energetic, it "looks" physical to the souls that inhabit it. Scientifically speaking, physicality is nothing more than slower vibrating energy. The faster the energy is vibrating, the less "physical" it will seem to be. But because we can only perceive that which is of the same vibrational frequency range as us, this means that although we wouldn’t be able to see the spirit realm with our physical eyes, we would see it as seemingly solid when we experience it as souls because we would be of the same vibrational frequency as it while in that state of being.
  • All souls appear simply as energy with a distinct color. The colors denote their level of spiritual advancement, or scientifically speaking, their vibrational frequency.
  • Time doesn’t exist in the spirit realm in the same way as it does on the physical plane. Time, like matter, is merely an illusion, and in fact, it is three-dimensional/ holographic instead of linear.
  • In terms of what we do during all that time spent in between physical lifetimes, the thousands of hypnosis subjects reported similar things, such as souls attending spiritual classrooms of sorts, taking part in various forms of recreation, learning from advanced souls about how to work with energy, and many other things.
  • All the souls exist in a world of harmony, kindness, patience, and absolute love. It is fundamentally understood that physical life is nothing more than a theater of sorts in which we play out varying roles and learn from our mistakes and transgressions so that we can become more loving and advance spiritually.
  • At some point, we (with the help of our guide) decide that it’s time again for another physical incarnation. Here we are taken to a life selection place where we are given the choice of one of several bodies and lives that we can choose to live.
  • We are given the opportunity to see the major events that will occur that will test us in each of the potential lives.
  • The purpose of incarnating again, is simply to have the opportunity to learn the lessons that we failed to learn in all of our previous lifetimes so far. And the lessons center on nothing more than love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.
  • The life that we choose will by definition include certain difficult trials and tribulations to induce the lessons we failed to learn in previous lifetimes.
  • Whatever our circumstances, they were chosen by us from the soul level in order for us to learn lessons and progress spiritually.
  • An NDE is an experience that occurs with some people who have a near-death episode, whereby the person is pronounced clinically dead, is very close to death, or is in a situation where death is quite likely or even expected.
  • The vast majority of the experiences involve mostly feelings of immense love, joy, peace, and bliss. Only a relatively small number of people report negative NDEs that involve fearful situations and feelings.
  • People report the experience to be hyper-real, even more real than earthly life. These are very similar correlations to the reports of the hypnosis subjects: they have an out-of-body experience whereby they are completely conscious despite not experiencing that consciousness within their body.
  • Dr. Alexander was a neurosurgeon who contracted a brain virus that completely shut down his brain. If it were true that the brain creates consciousness, as so many neurosurgeons believe, then it would be a literal impossibility for Dr. Alexander to experience anything whatsoever. He visited the realm of the afterlife and had incredible experiences - all in an out-of-body state, as pure consciousness.
We Are Not Alone
  • Scientists have recently confirmed that there are likely 20 billion earthlike planets in our galaxy alone. It is very reasonable to expect that many would have hosted life earlier than Earth.
  • Advanced civilizations may have the ability to travel seemingly unimaginable distances in extremely short periods of time, using technology that could warp time and space. There is an extremely high probability not only for life outside Earth but also for extremely advanced life that can easily travel here.
  • The Pyramid is an unrivaled feat of engineering and craftsmanship. Work of this caliber is beyond the capabilities of modern technology. The pyramid not only shows unexplainable precision and understanding of the Earth’s every measurement in terms of mass, radius, and curvature with impeccable accuracy but also reveals that exact astronomical measurements were also known, some of which we have only been recently able to measure with our own advanced technology.
  • Another mystifying monument is the huge-scale geoglyphs in the desert of Peru, known as the Nazca Lines. 29 These ancient lines range from geometric patterns to drawings of animal and human forms. The baffling thing is that they are so gigantic that they can only be fully seen from high in the air.
  • Nearly every ancient civilization that we know of has depicted contact with extraterrestrials in their art.
  • The ancient Dogon Tribe has long described the exact location and orbit of the stars from which their visitors supposedly came, and this information is at the focal point of their ancient mythology. As it turns out, the star that the Dogon talked about and gave exact coordinates for (even though it is not visible to the naked eye) was photographed through advanced telescopes in 1970. The Dogon, exactly as they claim, received the knowledge by extraterrestrials from the Sirius star cluster.
  • The evidence is everywhere that ETs are still visiting all the time.
  • We have our modern-day picture proof of what these old civilizations must have been witnessing firsthand and recording on the walls of their caves, on their metals, and in their paintings and tapestries.
  • We also have undeniable evidence from unexplained phenomena in the fields of farmers, called Crop Circles. Basically, the crops form unexplainable patterns, whereby the stalks of the plants are flattened yet stay alive, forming a contrast with the remaining standing stalks, which creates the pattern. One day the farmer will have a normal field, and the next morning it will show massive and very elaborate symbols and artwork. It’s clear that humans do not have the ability to create such elaborate patterns, especially not in such a short period of time and especially while never—ever—being detected.
  • After subjecting seeds and soil samples from crop circles to rigorous lab analysis, they discovered that the soil contained at least four short-lived radioactive isotopes not known to be produced in nature. Plants in the crop circles and found that they were considerably affected by radiation. This suggests that the plants affected have been subjected to a short burst of rapid heating and cooling. Whatever this form of radiation is, it’s not the one we’re normally used to on Earth. Other scientists have also found that the electromagnetic field over the crop circle is often mysteriously electrostatically charged and that there are strange magnetic particles on the crops.
  • Confirmed hoaxed crop circles, which again are clearly inferior in design, do not show the same radiation or electromagnetic phenomena.
  • In 2013, Paul Hellyer, the former defense minister of Canada, testified in front of former members of the US Congress in a citizen hearing on UFO disclosure. He unequivocally stated: UFOs are as real as the airplanes over our heads.
  • Not only have various extraterrestrial races been visiting Earth for thousands of years, but also the world’s major governments at the highest levels have secretly been in physical contact with many of them right here on Earth. Sergeant Stone has gone on record testifying that he has personally catalogued 57 species of alien life forms! Dr. Brian O’Leary, another former astronaut says: There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted. That civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any kind of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness ... that they can manipulate time and space locally so that they can have their own anti-gravity propulsion.
The Hidden Structure of Existence
  • Assume, if you will, that there exists an infinite Being. This Being decides that it wants to experience its full potential, and to do that, it splits itself into an infinite number of sub-selves. With that, the universe is born, and with it duality.
  • Each seemingly separate element or being now has its own distinct point of view, its own distinct "life" that seems to be apart from its Creator, but in reality, this separation and duality is only illusory.
  • The Creator’s ultimate reality is pure love and so the whole experience is geared toward growing more and more into the experience of pure, unconditional love.
  • Creator creates more and more aspects of its infinite self. The path of these souls will be to make their way up the densities by learning how to be loving and eventually return to the experience of infinite unconditional love. Each density provides its own unique classroom for soul evolution, with its own set of predominant lessons and states of existence. So the whole meaning of life and the universe itself is to learn the meaning of love in the difficult classrooms that the illusion of duality provides.
  • The nature and purpose of each density is:
    • First Density:The lowest density is the home of all inorganic matter. This includes matter that we tend to think of as nonliving.
    • Second Density: is the density of growth, and it is the vibrational plane that plants and animals exist on. The main objective in this density is to experience growth and expansion in consciousness.
    • Third Density: is the vibrational plane of consciousness where we currently exist. Thsi includes experience of self-awareness for the first time. And with self-awareness comes choice, which is why this density is often referred to as the density of choice. Because we have free will, we can choose to focus on our separateness instead of our oneness. Evil deeds meet their own consequences. What you put out is what you get back. The higher densities are invisible to us since they exist on a higher vibrational level that we can’t perceive.
    • Fourth Density: is known as the density of love. On this plane of existence, those who have "graduated" or "ascended" get to experience the fruits of their labor. Fourth-density civilizations are therefore telepathic societies, where everyone is connected as a harmonious collective in unity consciousness; and yet, within that, individuality is honored and nurtured. For those on the negative path, they also eventually graduate, but theirs is far from joyous. These souls move on to fourth-density planets that have a strong collective separation consciousness. These are highly oppressive environments where violence and war rage on.
    • Fifth Density: is the density of wisdom. Now the lesson is to grow in universal knowledge and understanding. The positive fifth-density civilizations use this knowledge to help and be in service to other worlds, while the negative ones use it to dominate other worlds. Bodies become quasi-physical in preparation for the sixth density.
    • Sixth Density: beings predominantly incarnate as non-physical entities. They no longer experience themselves as individual souls like we currently do, but instead merge into a collective. The negative path reunites with the positive at the sixth density. The fifth density is the density of wisdom, and by the end of it, those beings have learned enough universal wisdom that the ultimate truth finally dawns on them. They realize that they can evolve no further if they stay on the negative path, and their strong desire for evolution causes them to undergo an instantaneous and complete transformation for the positive. All beings eventually end up reuniting with the Creator, the only thing that differs between beings is the path they take to get home. Some take an easier positive path, and some take an excruciatingly difficult negative path, but the latter group has suffered so much by the time they reach the sixth density that they have rebalanced all the karma they had accumulated from hurting others for so long.
    • Seventh Density: beings that have made it to this plane of existence have reached such a state of near completion and timelessness that they are getting ready to reunite with the One Infinite Creator and fully realize their identity as All That Is.
The Shift
  • Some modern astronomers have discovered the existence of a 25,920-year orbit that our entire solar system makes around a neighboring brown dwarf star. If we look back around 50,000 years in history (i.e., two cycles back), people around the world suddenly started making musical instruments, artwork, religious carvings, harpoons, arrowheads, needles, and beaded jewelry. Everyone around the world just seemed to get a massive IQ boost at the same time, suddenly becoming much more intelligent.
  • The last cycle, around 26,000 years ago, was precisely when the Neanderthals disappeared. Most anthropologists are absolutely baffled by their extinction, and have been unable to find the missing link between the Neanderthals and humans.
  • David Wilcock amasses a giant body of research from independent scientists around the world showing that our entire evolution is intimately tied to our sun. Sunspot activity has a direct, powerful effect on humankind. He studied a 2,500-year period of world history and found, to his astonishment, that 80 percent of the most significant events in our history occurred during peak periods of sunspot activity that exhibited massive solar flares. The sun causes the quantum shifts in evolution we see at the end of the 26,000 year cycles.
  • Light has the ability to change DNA structure at a fundamental level. Dr. Gariaev performed experiments in which he changed one species into another by manipulating the DNA with light.
The AWakened Life
  • We need to avoid falling into the trap of putting doing before being. What we do in the illusion is always secondary to how and why we do it.
  • This thing called happiness, that we chase so compulsively our entire lives, is often nothing more than the internal demand that screams, "Meet my desires!". Connect to the true source of joy within you and draw from that infinite well.
  • Devotees of positive thinking and the law of attraction have some of the picture, which is that our thoughts directly influence our physical reality. But what’s missing is the spiritual reality of the universe and the true purpose of existence. This can inadvertently bring us right back to the pleasure–pain trap. But there’s an even subtler and more insidious trap - we often start actively resisting our negative thoughts.
  • Compassion is warranted in every instance, not judgment and condemnation. Even if they cause great pain and harm to others, they are in great pain in their soul, feeling completely disconnected from and abandoned by their Source.
  • So many people make the wrong assumption, especially in new-age spirituality, that being a spiritual, loving person equals being a walkover and not seeking justice in the world. We cannot have an orderly physical world without a certain amount of laws and justice. While we are incarnated on the physical plane, we need to respect and honor the physical aspect.
  • When you let go of attachment to your desires—knowing they won’t bring true fulfillment—and accept (even embrace) the negative or dark aspects of yourself and others, then you can go through life having what you want while also living out your deeper purpose and evolving your consciousness to make the shift to a higher plane of existence.
  • the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind in dictating our reality.
Living the Awakened Life
  • Living a truly spiritual and awakened life is not just about praying and meditating and performing rituals. The essence of the path is living it on a daily basis.
  • There is only now. What we perceive of as past, present, and future are actually coordinates in a three-dimensional structure of time,
  • Instead of just thinking of yourself as a human or a soul evolving its way toward higher and higher densities, think of yourself as a vast, limitless being who is already in a state of perfection and unconditional love at the highest planes of existence, looking to expand yourself infinitely by experiencing seeming individuation and separation (i.e., becoming individual souls) and then coming back home to yourself with an expanded and deeper sense of self.
  • Each and every moment you have the choice of whether you’re going to unconsciously react to life’s circumstances and triggers or if you’ll consciously respond. The difference is that the former is dictated by fear, while the latter is inspired by love.
  • One of the most common traps on the awakening or consciousness evolution path, is thinking that we have to be perfect. We genuinely and sincerely attempt to be loving to everyone and everything, and we continually forgive and find compassion for all the times that we can’t do this. The true lesson of unconditional love is to understand the paradox that your physical self was never meant to be able to express love unconditionally and to love and accept it, nonetheless.
  • If someone wrongs you and you experience anger rising, then experiencing the anger with awareness in the moment doesn’t have any bad consequences. In fact, it allows the anger to express itself and dissipate. The anger stays only when you start telling yourself a story about why you’re justified to feel angry with that person.
  • To be truly free, we must feel our emotions with full acceptance. Willingly embrace them no matter how uncomfortable.
  • It is not what happens in our life - nor the emotions we experience - that is ever a problem, but our resistance to them. What we resist persists.

These notes were taken from Ziad's book.
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